Sunday- May 30, 2021


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10:00 a.m. – Adult Discussion Group

Memorial Day: How do we remember and honor our ancestors?  

10:00 a.m. – Sunday Seekers

Sunday Seekers is a group which meets at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. It evolved from adult RE to a support group for those who attend. A place to express their Joys and Sorrows, discuss issues of the week, request and receive advice, as well as companionship and loving support from other group members.

11:00 a.m. – Children’s Religious Exploration

The Children’s Religious Exploration program will begin meeting weekly on June 6th at 11 a.m. We look forward to having the young ones with us regularly and getting back on track with learning and growing in our UU values! (see below to volunteer with Children’s Religious Exploration)

11:00 a.m. – Worship Service

The Holy Pause, Rewind, and Moving Forward with Love Buttons: 

Let us be deliberate about our return to being together in community.  We are living through something that is wholly unfamiliar to us.  We may be happy, yet grieving, excited, yet worn down, and much of this may result in confusion and anxiety.  How will we navigate into the future as a faith community?  Let us use the holy buttons of “pause, rewind, and move forward with love” as we recognize the messiness of the times we live in.
After the service, please join us in a Memorial Day potluck/picnic on our patio and lawn (you can bring a picnic blanket/basket, if you’d like!).  For those comfortable sharing and eating food that others have made, you may bring a potluck dish (please see guidelines below).  For those not comfortable with this, please bring your own picnic lunch and drinks!
Potluck guidelines:1. Tom will make lemonade, if you want anything else to drink, please bring it.
2. We will use paper products, plates, cups, etc. to eat from.
3. Bring your food “table-ready”. Don’t bring foods that need to be heated, sliced, diced or prepared by hospitality. If it needs to be refrigerated, go ahead and put it in the refrigerator, then after the service, put it out on the tables.4. Please be responsible for cleaning up after yourselves, including the clean up of the dish that you have brought to share.
Thank you for respecting these guidelines and respecting Tom, our hospitality chair.