Ponderings of the Spiritual Life Director

Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 10-21-20

Tao Te Ching – Verse 74 If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you aren’t afraid of dying, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place. When you handle the master carpenter’s … Continued

Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 10-14-20

Abundance is rooted in community, not individualism. Abundance is what is before our eyes, but we cannot see when we are blinded by greed. –Terry Tempest Williams I used this quote in a newsletter article I wrote almost a year ago. As a community, we were focused on reverence for one another, listening to one … Continued

Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 9-30-20

Heather is deep into seminary classes this week, but after last night’s debate, she wanted to send out these lyrics (and a link) to the song we played for closing at last Sunday’s worship service, “We Shall Be Known” by the How We Thrive Virtual Choir for UU the Vote (written by MaMuse): We shall … Continued

Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 9-23-20

This week’s Ponderings is brought to you by my Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Ministries assignment! Consider it a “this I believe” moment about what an ideal, healthy congregation should look like. I strongly believe that a healthy congregation is a congregation with a shared ministry, a congregation in which the mission and vision are articulated by … Continued

Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 9-16-20

This last Sunday, we focused on the ways in which we can build a caring community. More and more, I see that this congregation understands that the path to changing the world is relational. We first need to have a loving relationship with ourselves and the Spirit of Life. When we are self-aware and self-compassionate, … Continued