Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 1-5-22

Happy New Year!

I’m curious to know, how are you starting off this new year?

Have you made resolutions, plans, goals?

Do you feel a renewed sense of hope?

Are you energized?

Or, are you unsure, cautiously entering another year?

Are you already tired out?

How is your heart, your emotional energy, your spirit?

What do you need to nourish your soul?

Wherever you’re at, it matters– to me and to the community. Drop me a note. Send an email/text. Come visit me during my office hours (on Tuesday or by appointment). It’s important that we check in with one another. So, whether I see you on a regular basis or you are someone I haven’t communicated with in a long while, please go ahead and at least do a quick check-in.

You are loved. You are worthy. And, YOU are a blessing.