Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 3-25-20

Dear Ones,

We are about a week and a half into self isolation. Maybe it seems longer than that. Perhaps you’re a bit stir crazy. Or perhaps you’ve been working overtime and are feeling exhausted. Maybe the kids are getting restless and can’t really understand the depths of what is happening, and you’re trying to teach them from home (even for those who normally homeschool, these circumstances are disruptive). Establishing a new routine might feel clumsy and frustrating. Adapting to new technologies might be a bewildering adventure. Waking up in the morning and realizing that we are still in this surreal situation may be confusing or even cause despair.

#UULent Day 24: Grace. We are all going to need to gather up grace- like collecting delicate flowers from an endless field that lies in the life-giving sunlight. Know that grace, too, is life-giving, especially in these strange times. Imagine that you’ve collected a big basket of flowers, each flower a gift of grace. When you reach those moments of restlessness, frustration, bewilderment, confusion, and despair, give yourself a flower- and allow yourself some grace. Give one to your partner, your children, your coworkers, to people in the store, and to those you see on Zoom who are struggling, too. Recognize when you are feeling frustrated, call in the Spirit of Life, imagine your basket of graceful flowers, take one out, smell it, and start over. Allow for grace to move in and remind you that the messiness of these times will only help you create and build the strength to move forward. Allow grace to move in and fill you with love instead of the temptation to insult yourself or others in these trying times when nobody really knows how to get things right. There is no right way. There is only love in the moments of imperfection in these times.

Take care of yourselves and reach out to me if you need to chat.

Much love.