Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 9-9-20

This is a Chinook Psalter (from Earth Prayers) that I came across in my seminary readings:

Ice mountain melted

ages ago

and made this ridge,

this place of changes.

Now we are rooted in it,

we of the old ones

we of the new ones from afar;

oatgrass meadow, douglas fir thicket,

we are rooted in the ridge of changes in the time of


The winds carry strange smell; this is a day of change.

I don’t know when this was written, but whether it’s ages old or only a few years, one thing is for sure: we are always living in changing times. Right now this change seems drastic and jarring. We look forward to “normal” again, but in reality, we can’t ever go back. So, this is just my reminder that we can go forward, we will hug each other again, we will worship together in the sanctuary again, but we also must embrace the new and the spectrum of possibilities that comes along with that.

Sometimes change makes us anxious and fearful, sad and unsure. But often, change feels good. I hope that this last Sunday’s Water Communion brought you joy! I know that I felt joy all week long as I met with each of you. And I just couldn’t wait until Adam finished the video in which we were all together again, participating in the communion, if only virtually. But it certainly was 30 minutes of the Spirit of Life moving amongst us! Did you feel it? Did you connect?

I love to create new ways, and these times have really challenged me, but I feel like the fountain of creativity is pouring forth within me again! Ideas for worship are starting to take form- Petra and I will be heading out into the woods to get footage for our Autumn Equinox service, the worship committee will be working on an Abraxis communion that we can all partake in, we will have an All Souls altar, and most definitely– the Milk and Cookie Communion, Reindeer Corral, and Christmas Eve will be happening in some very special ways this December!

What I really love, though, is to cocreate with ALL of you! I’d be really excited to hear about any new ways in these times of change that you have for us to be together, to connect, and to get that Spirit of Life up and moving amongst us!

Surely, the 2020 auction will be a way to make this happen, too. Check it out and create with us!