Sunday- June 19, 2022

Celebrating Blessings: What a blessing to be Queer! This will truly be a Queer service indeed, so come with an open mind, loving heart, & ready to experience a service that will be something a bit different. You’re enthusiastically encouraged to wear Pride colors & all the Pride swag you desire.

Sunday- June 12, 2022

Celebrating Blessings:  The UUCL Community!  Join us this Sunday for a very special worship service as we welcome new members and celebrate our growing community.

Sunday- June 5, 2022

Celebrating Blessings:  Wild Animals!  Join us as we kick off our June celebrations with long time member and lay leader, Keyno Hicks.  Keyno will take us on a worshipful adventure that celebrates evolution and the wild animals with which we share this bounteous Earth!

Sunday- May 29, 2022

The beauty of math Where do Numbers come from? Join our exciting service to enjoy examples of beauty in nature, music, and art as exhibiting the beautiful mathematical reality that we find all around us!

Sunday- May 22, 2022

Nurturing Beauty through Social Change:  The Rev. Karen G. Johnston wrote– Where there is beauty, amplify it. Where beauty is hidden, reveal it. Where beauty is ruined, restore it. Where beauty is absent, create it: This will be our gift to our aching world  Brandon  & Heather – how change nurtures beauty.