Sunday- September 20, 2020

Autumn Equinox:  Join Heather and Petra as they highlight the changing of seasons here in Florida, infuse meaning into this change, and honor the Spirit of Life as expressed in the beauty of our Mother Earth.

Evening Service- September 16, 2020

Popcorn Theology We gather online to discuss films selected by our congregants. Please watch the movie ahead of time. The movie for September: Naturally Native.

Sunday- September 13, 2020

Rooted in Care and Connection:  I was recently asked how we could best care for ourselves and each other.  I’ve just started two seminary classes in which this learning will be deep and rich.  This Sunday, I will share with you what I’ve learned so far (which has already been abundant!).  We will begin to root … Continued

Evening Service- September 9, 2020

Vespers:  Exploring Our Theology-Join us as we continue our theological explorations!  Tonight, we will gather on Zoom for an intimate discussion of our “big questions”.  What are your big questions?  How have you endeavored to find the answers?  What answers have you found?  What is still a mystery?

Sunday- September 6, 2020

Water Communion:  We can’t be in-person for our Water Communion this year, but technology will still help us be together!  I’m compiling videos of everyone’s contribution to the communion & they will be put together & showcased this Sunday, along with story, song,&  inspiration.  Please join us on our journey towards wholeness.