Sunday- February 16, 2020

Stirring Up Curiosity:  What are the ingredients needed to be responsibly curious & successful in making authentic connections?  Courage, care, & love!  This Sunday morning we will sing, talk, & listen as we stir together the values we need to unite in diversity, heal our souls, & be a community that makes a difference.

Sunday- February 9, 2020

Curiouser and Curiouser: Searching for Truth and Meaning in a Post-Truth Era- Today’s worship adventure will take an interesting perspective on being curious enough to uncover truth and create a meaningful reality for ourselves.

Evening Service- February 5, 2020

 Dinner Worship: Spirit in Practice Session 9, Justice Practices-  How are spirituality & politics intertwined?  In this session we’ll seek to recognize social justice work as an integral part of a robust spirituality. Bring a topping to share that pairs well with rice (to be provided).  Please bring your own dishes & drinks.

Sunday- February 2, 2020

Planting the Seeds of Curiosity: A Midwinter (Imbolc) ritual, reflection, and meditation will help us lift the dark veil of fear so we may plant the seeds of curiosity.  It’s time to awaken your mind to the light of love and grow the flowers of justice and liberation for all!

Evening Service- January 29, 2020

Ama Chandra will be joining us for our Vespers service and offering us a therapeutic and meditative sound immersion. Free but love offerings for Ama will be collected.