Sunday- September 19, 2021

This Autumn equinox, we can take a moment to reflect upon how to balance our own power to create or build what we wish for, destroy or dismantle what doesn’t serve us. Heather will provide a beginning framework for us to examine our beliefs & how they influence our “becoming”.

Sunday- September 12, 2021

Our annual Water Communion will be happening on September 12, 2021. Water Communion is about being together in community, and this year we will focus on our “becoming”. We cannot deny that this past year has somehow shaped, and re-shaped, who we have become.

Sunday- September 5, 2021

The world is an ever-changing place. It can be difficult to find time for yourself. We begin a monthly series through chakra energy system designed to help connect with yourself & your needs. Join Jenni Warren as she ties in our new monthly theme of “becoming” to the root chakra. Tttps://

Sunday- August 29, 2021

Please join us for a very special worship service as we welcome Daiken Hicks from the Hokori Zen Temple.

Sunday- August 22, 2021

Where Did We Begin? Who Are We Now?  Where Are We Going?   August 17, 1960, this congregation filed  Articles of Incorporation. We’ll celebrate our community exploring these questions.  We’ll find our spiritual center asking, “what’s our place in the line of ancestors that do the good work of this congregation?”