Sunday- October 25, 2020

During Halloween, traditionally known in Celtic cultures, Samhain, let’s return to a deeper sort of spiritual play during this time.  We’ll dig into the wisdom of fairy tales,  life of a Unitarian ancestor, & those who lived here for thousands of years before us, helping  guide us towards the future.      

Evening Service- October 21, 2020

Popcorn Theology, 6:30 pm us TONIGHT, October 21 as we gather online to discuss Les Misérables! Films are selected by our congregants. Please watch the movie ahead of time.

Sunday- October 18, 2020

Blessing of the Animals:r Our annual blessing of the animals!  We want to see  dog noses & cat tails on Zoom!   All critters are welcome as we acknowledge the importance of animals in our lives. Send videos of your animals (&  noises) to Adam  He can create something fun!