Sunday- January 17, 2021

We’ll  process  & discuss problems & issues regarding  social, cultural, and historic changes that we are experiencing. The times that we’re living through can be an opportunity to live out our values as Unitarian Universalists &  be part of the change that needs to happen within our community, our state, & our country.

Evening Service- January 13, 2021

Theological Explorations:  What are the underlying premises of Unitarian & Universalist theologies?  How does this relate to your personal theology?  How does your personal theology relate to UUism?  What is life-sustaining about these Unitarian, Universalist & UUist theologies?   Do some research  & thoughtful reflection so we can have deep discussion on this topic.

Sunday- January 10, 2021

 New Year & an Emerging Future:  With all that’s ahead of us, What’ll we  do?  We entered last year not knowing all that was ahead of us- & look at  the new ways that emerged during the struggle.  Let this empower us & invite us to change.  Sunday kicks off our 2021 pledge drive.