Sunday- May 9, 2021

Imani Perry says that, as a mother, she has “an ethical responsibility to be hopeful.”  Her recent book, Breathe, is this year’s UUA common read.  On this Mother’s Day, we’ll reflect on Imani Perry’s hopes for her sons and the call to action to which those hopes lead us.

Sunday- May 2, 2021

Beltane– The Gaelic translation of Beltane is “bright fire”.  The midpoint between Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. The Earth’s coming to life! The ground of our community has become fertile & ready to conceive new ideas. How can the fire of our chalice glow even brighter as we connect, love, & transform?

Sunday- April 25, 2021

A Legacy of Love:  Annual Meeting Sunday!  Join us  as we celebrate & appreciate one another, our community,& the legacy of love that we carry out into the world & the future. How has/does/will the voice within you inspire(d) you to be a part of our larger vision of love?