Sunday- May 15, 2022

Nurturing the Beauty of Our Diversity:  As we celebrate our annual Flower Communion, we’ll contemplate the importance of our actions that do & don’t nurture the beauty of our diversity. Decision making process of consensus.  Bring a flower- represents the uniqueness of who you’re & add it to our communal bouquet.

Sunday- May 8, 2022

Nurturing Beauty: Mothers Day— in honor of Mother’s Day, we’ll honor the call to nurture that each of us have within. Come join us for a sacred time together in which to feel nurtured and be nurturing. We will share with each other and partake in a Chocolate Communion!

Sunday- May 1, 2022

Nurturing Beauty:  Come, let us dip our toes in the water together as we move towards the depths of beauty.  What is this thing called beauty?  Throughout the ages beauty has been described in wildly different ways!  So how do we know what it is we should nurture?