Sunday- February 23, 2020

 Special Guest Speaker Jeffrey Nall, Ph. D.:  Ending the Slaughter and Saving the Planet.  Why it’s Time for UU’s to Go Vegan. Keep your curiosity going and join us for this month’s special guest.  Is our habit of eating animals in line with our fundamental moral beliefs?

Sunday- February 16, 2020

Stirring Up Curiosity:  What are the ingredients needed to be responsibly curious & successful in making authentic connections?  Courage, care, & love!  This Sunday morning we will sing, talk, & listen as we stir together the values we need to unite in diversity, heal our souls, & be a community that makes a difference.

Sunday- February 9, 2020

Curiouser and Curiouser: Searching for Truth and Meaning in a Post-Truth Era- Today’s worship adventure will take an interesting perspective on being curious enough to uncover truth and create a meaningful reality for ourselves.