Sunday- January 19, 2020

Nurturing Generosity:  Like pieces in a puzzle, every one of us has something to offer to the bigger picture of who we are.  How can we work together to sustain one another, our values &  community?  Find joy & connection with us this Sunday as we lift up the value of generosity!

Evening Service- January 22, 2020

Tea and Tarot:  Join us for an evening of expanding perspectives as we engage in tea drinking & group tarot card readings.  Bring your own deck (oracle cards welcome, too), an extra deck to share, or if you don’t have any, come & you will find that others will share with you!

Evening Service- January 29, 2020

Ama Chandra will be joining us for our Vespers service and offering us a therapeutic and meditative sound immersion. Free but love offerings for Ama will be collected.